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About us

IAME is a vibrant association bringing together organizations and individuals dedicated to promote and support media education. We do this by sharing information, knowledge by engaging in the key debates that shape media literacy at the european and international level.

Our members are individuals and organizations working on media education in several countries, collaborating closely with a wide range of partners.

IAME membership is open to anyone involved in the field of media education. Whether you are a teacher, student, researcher, educator you are welcome to join a collaborative community of experts.

Why is IAME needed?

Media politics, media enterprises and ICT programmes function globally, yet education programmes are restricted to the national level. Media education, learning and production should go global and open up with an international dimension. That’s why IAME was launched in 2017.

It brings together and coordinates the international activities of organizations that specialize in the field as well as individuals (educators, teachers, practitioners, researchers, etc.). The project intends to stimulate a self-reflection in the media education sector, addressing its challenges and opportunities together with a critical thinking about the latest technical developments.

What we do ?

To achieve IAME strategic objectives, we focus our work around three core areas:

  • Raising the visibility of our issues. IAME is committed to raise awareness of media education among all stakeholders. This includes civil servants, governments, institutions and relevant agencies. Our aim is to foster understanding and expand support for citizens’ media education needs.
  • Sharing and exchanging resources, skills and knowledge within and beyond our membership.
    – IAME provides the media education community with a space for meeting, coordinating and strategizing. We organize international events including conferences, webinars, summer schools or master classes relevant to our field and goals.
    – IAME encourages reflection and research, including by participation in European and international projects and academic studies related to media education.
    -IAME participates in projects, networks, conferences and relevant policy meetings supporting the practice of media education, as shaped by regional, national and global policies.
  • Mobilizing support through advocacy on our issues. By engaging in key debates IAME ensures that the collective interests of its members are promoted to policy makers, public institutions and private organisations.

Our governance

IAME is legally registered as an international non-profit organization under Belgian law. It is governed by two main bodies: the General Assembly and the Management Board.

The General Assembly has full authority on IAME activities, budget, membership application. It is formed by the whole membership: full and affiliate. Only full members – both individuals and organizations – have the right to vote. The General Assembly meets at least once a year, following specific procedures as detailed in the statutes. Its first meeting will be held in 2018, with the election of the Management Board.

Members delegate a Management Board to govern the daily work of the Association. It is in charge of operational management and steering of the association between General Assembly meetings. Until the election of the new Management Board, IAME’s founding members are administering the association in the following roles:

  • President: Nicoleta Fotiade (Romania)
  • Vice President: Patrick Verniers (Belgium)
  • Administrator: Paul De Theux (Belgium)

Key documents on IAME governance: