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Our members

IAME founding members come from Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and Romania.

While implementing European projects, our founding members have exchanged and shared their knowledge with great results. They have extensive experience in media literacy science, research and practical work. Together they founded IAME in 2017 and they form the management board of the association.

Full list of our members

  • Germany
    I am a Media Educator working with universities, schools, libraries and other institutions to promote the media literacy of children, adolescents and multiplier…
  • PhD in economy (2003), Master of Education (2018). Associate Professor in Media Communication on Faculty of Journalism, Russian State University for Humanities….
  • Belgium
    As a researcher studying media and communication, I'm interested in sharing my knowledge with practitioners of media education. I currently work on the project …
  • I am a researcher at a public interest think tank and consultancy in New Zealand, and I am currently leading a research project on media literacy.
  • Belgium
    Teachers and students training in media literacy ( advertising, Real TV, information-conspiracy theories, uses of social medias) – author of analysis and resear…
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