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News/Media Literacy Award to honor front-line teachers in the quest to …

Teachers who help students learn about press freedom will be honored by a special award in the 2021 edition of the Global Youth & News Media Prize.

The Press Freedom Teacher Award will recognize excellence in assuring that students develop a thorough understanding of the crucial role of journalism in society, and of the sometimes deadly risks for people who do this work. It will serve as the news/literacy category for this year’s prize.

Entries will be assessed by a distinguished, international panel of judges that will include both experts in the topic and past laureates. Among them will be Doan Viet Hoat, a Vietnamese journalist, educator, and democratic activist who spent 22 years in jail for his criticisms of Vietnam’s communist leadership

Details are here about this prize category and how to nominate yourself or someone else.

Educators teaching any kind of course at any level — primary, secondary or university — can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else: colleagues, students, news organizations or NGOs.

Registration opens 1 March with a deadline for entries of 16 April. Laureates will take part in an international ceremony and webinar designed to spread the word about their outstanding contributions to journalism and education and encourage emulation of them.

“We plan to make this as easy as possible for educators, given that all of them have had to do more in the same amount of time for months now,” McMane said. “The entry process will be both flexible and streamlined, and maybe even fun..

Global Youth & News Media is a French nonprofit committed to linking young people and news media in ways that reinforce youth citizenship and journalism in society. In addition to its global awards program, the organization amplifies youth journalism through its World Teenage Reporting Projects.

The 2021 Journalism Award category will focus on coverage of the pandemic for children, and details for The Planet Award category will be released later this year.

This is the third edition of the Global Youth & News Media Prize, which began with an honorary inaugural award to The Guardian US and the student journalists of Marjory Stoneman Douglas for their joint coverage of the 2018 March for Our LIves demonstration against gun violence in Washington, DC., presented at News Xchange in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Founding supporters include News Decoder (France, the main media partner), the European Journalism Centre (The Netherlands) and the Google News Initiative (USA, UK). Support for the first Planet Award came from the Eurasian Media Forum (Kazakhstan).

For more information: info@youthandnewsmedia.net