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The association Journalisme et Citoyenneté* will organize, in partnership with the IHECS Brussels, the 1st edition of the European Journalism Symposium from 24 to 26 November 2022, in the venue of the IHECS in Brussels.

Following the example of the Tours and Tunis Symposium, a program of workshops, debates, evenings and exhibitions will be offered to the professional and general public throughout these days. Invited to reflect together on the conditions for producing quality information, this edition will be an opportunity for everyone to question the following postulate: “Being a journalist in Europe” (Read our presentation brochure here).

IAME will collaborate in this event. Indeed, on Friday 25 November, an entire afternoon will be dedicated to Media and Information Literacy, an approach that has been at the heart of the values of the association Journalisme et Citoyenneté since its creation.

IAME invites you to take part in this afternoon of exchanges and opens a call for contributions that will allow three or four initiatives to be presented during a dedicated face-to-face workshop, in order to share experiences in Media and Information Literacy from different European countries.

Projects could also be selected by IAME and the Symposium team to be presented remotely, in a form to be defined.

To participate, please send a short presentation of your initiative now, which we will study by 30 September in order to inform you of the selection for the 2022 conference.

Practical info:

  • Send a short presentation in English of your Media and Information Literacy initiative (2000 characters max) together with a short presentation of your organization (1000 characters).
  • Please specify if you will be able to present your initiative in person on Friday 25 November 2022 in Brussels or if you opt for a remote contribution
  • Deadline for submission of proposals: 25 September 2022
  • To be sent by email to info@iame.education

*The Journalism and Citizenship Association has been organizing the International Journalism Symposium in Tours for the past 15 years, which takes place every year in spring in Tours, and every two years in autumn in Tunis, since 2018 (More information on www.journalisme.com).