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Have you already heard about the eMerge project (e-Media Education about Representations of Gender)? It is an European project is conducted by a consortium of four teachers training centres/university in the media literacy field from four European countries : Media Animation (Belgium, coordinator), Mediawise Society (Romania), University of Palermo (Italy) and Athens Lifelong learning Institute (Greece). Some of them are members of IAME.

eMerge project aims to empower teachers’ skills in media literacy in order to deconstruct with students the gender representations and stereotypes rooted in their media practices and pop cultures.

Discover the pedagogical kit

The e-Merge pedagogical kit is aimed at teachers who want to better understand how their students relate to media. It offers 6 media literacy activities for teachers that can serve as an introduction to more in-depth courses on topics such as gender representations and stereotypes, disinformation, role of media and social media in a democratic society, the concept of culture in a social science course, etc.

Example of activity

Activity 4 in the pedagogical kit takes a look at pop culture and invites teachers to deconstruct with their students gender representations and stereotypes rooted in their media practices and the pop culture they interact with. It is also a good opportunity for students to analyze their online and media use habits, as well as reflect on the messages promoted by various celebrities or people they may follow.

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