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Want to discuss the challenges of AI? Join the TADAM Seminar

With the TADAM project – Tools & Awareness about Disinformation, Algorithms and Media – IAME and 8 other European partners have come together to raise awareness of the impact of AI and algorithms in the media.

The main aim of TADAM is to exchange best practice and design educational resources specifically linked to the issue of the impact – both positive and negative – of artificial intelligence and algorithms in the media, the production of news and the way it is received by the public.

The first physical event of the TADAM project will take place on 12th June 2024 in Louvain-La-Neuve, near Brussels, in Belgium.

As IAME member, the TADAM consortium invites you to take part in its European cross-perspective seminar, which aims to examine the challenges of media and information literacy in the context of the rapid development of AI and its uses.

The aim of the seminar is to provide input for the project on a whole range of issues, starting with the skills needed by users and ways of developing them, the dangers but also the opportunities in terms of disseminating information and around the information and journalism professions, while not forgetting to include more cross-cutting reflections on ethics, creativity and issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The seminar will combine expert input with interactive sessions.

We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Date: Wednesday 12th June 2024, full day
  • Venue: Louvain House – Trav. Comte Yves du Monceau – 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, BELGIUM
  • Language: English
  • Possibility of following exchanges remotely
  • Free but limited registration

No budget to join us? Note that to ensure accessibility to as many participants as possible, including members of the IAME network, the TADAM project is distributing inclusiveness grants to participants wishing to join us but lacking the funds to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Interested? Apply for this grant via the registration form.