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Exploring Frontiers: Enhancing Media and Information Literacy in an AI-Driven World

As a member of IAME, the TADAM consortium invites you to its cross-perspective European seminar, which aims to examine the challenges of media and information literacy in the context of the rapid development of AI and its uses.

Registration to join us in person is now closed, but you can follow the day remotely.

The aim of the seminar is to provide input for the project on a whole range of issues, starting with the skills needed by users and ways of developing them, the dangers but also the opportunities in terms of disseminating information and around the information and journalism professions, while not forgetting to include more cross-cutting reflections on ethics, creativity and issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The seminar will combine expert input with interactive sessions. 

Discover the detailed agenda:

To know more about the TADAM project: www.tadam.education