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Relive the webinar with Alexandre Le Voci Sayad

On Thursday 24 November 2022, IAME and GMK jointly organised a webinar with the participation of Alexandre Le Voci Sayad, from Brazil. His Lecture “For a creative and unorthodox media education” was about how media education must address creativity, creating awareness for the risks, but also the opportunities of the contemporary. One such initiative entitled “City, Art and Media” proposes to understand how the city and the media can educate together with the classroom. So, the contemporary role of the educator becomes the role of a provocateur, mediator and conductor of this unorthodox form of media education.

The workshop was moderated by Ida Pöttinger, member of GMK and founding member of IAME.

Curious to discover their discussion? The workshop is available as a replay on Youtube :

Alexandre Le Voci Sayad is international co-chairman of UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance and board member of the International Council for Media Literacy and founded a company which is called ZeitGeist.ZeitGeist – Education, Culture and Media believes that education and must always be connected with the spirit of its time – this is the meaning of the term in German.