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Relive the Webinar on Challenges of Media Education in Latin America

The International Association for Media Education takes the opportunity to build a stronger sense of community among its members, to discuss together the new challenges in media education and to be inspired by foreign practices and projects.

A new live webinar was organized on the topic of “Challenges of Media Education in Latin American context” with interventions of:

  • Roxana Morduchowicz, PhD, University of Paris VIII and UNESCO Consultant from Argentina
  • Francisco Espinosa, Universidad del Pacifico from Peru.

They both informed us about their respective realities in media education in their context, the news challenges that the pandemic has raised and inspired us with their regional practices or methods.


Roxana Morduchowicz (PhD, University of Paris VIII) is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently senior consultant to develop the Digital Citizenship Program as a public policy in Latin America.  She has been one of the experts for the Media and Information Literacy curriculum developed by UNESCO for teachers all over the world. She created and coordinated the Media Literacy Program for the Ministry of Education of Argentina. Her latest book, “Participation and digital citizenship ” (Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2021) focused on a study among 2000 high school students to understand how they use the Internet to participate in society. She had also been speaker in international conferences in Europe, Latin America and the US. Dr. Morduchowicz was also a Professor in Communication in the University of Buenos Aires.

Francisco Espinosa

Francisco Espinosa has a bachelor’s degree in Audio-visual Communications and a master’s degree in Media and Information literacy(MIL). He coursed my bachelor’s degree in Peru at “La Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú” and his Master’s degree in Belgium at “L’École Galilee” and “L’Université Catholique de Louvain”. Currently, he is teaching courses of Communications at Universidad del Pacifico from Peru. He has just developed a course specifically designed for the development of MIL competencies. Alongside his professor job, he works as a filmmaker, developing audiovisual projects.

For the past 4 years Francisco Espinosa has been studying the state of Media and Information literacy (MIL) in Peru, trying to understand where we stand in terms of its development. Through this research, he knows that this development it’s starting to take form but mostly through practices that don’t take the name of MIL. As a Media and Information literacy researcher his work is centered in extending the reach and knowledge of MIL strategies and policies in Peru, for which he has developed the first course specifically about MIL in superior education.

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